Renegade Radio Jan 29, 2016

January 29, 2016

Today on the show we get a solid recap from BB regarding the comedy roast he judged the night before, along with what-to-do's in stand-up comedy as only Brian can. Alex The News Guy gets accolades from Michele Mcphee, but doesn't handle the situation well. Metal Head Nick Struggles yet again, and His stuttering highlight reel is featured on the Breakdown. Pica also interviews MMA Heavyweight Champion Josh Barnett. 

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Renegade Radio Jan 28, 2016

January 28, 2016

 John and Other Alex remember the Boston Bombing as news of Tsarnaev court docs get released. News Guys Alex cant speak correctly, and John makes horrific monkey jokes. Bryan enters to discuss his change in stance on Trump. Metal Head Nicks poor segment performance continues. Other Alex is put on blast for correcting Bryan, so News Guy Alex takes over as producer for a half hour. Metal head Nick gets hit with objects and News Guy Alex gets his hair waxed.


Renegade Radio Jan 27, 2016

January 28, 2016

Today on the show, John talks about his obsession with Anna Koyman. Alex the news guy struggles with spoken words. Bryan cant handle taking the blame for the Club Alex's incident. Metal Head Nick's bad segment streak continues by interrupting Bryan, and then telling a story about sheep. 


Renegade Radio Jan 26, 2016

January 26, 2016

Tuesday January 26, 2016

This morning the guys discuss the up coming live performance by Renegade Radio in Newton MA. John and Bryan discuss the recent democratic debate, and possible nominations. BB lashes out towards Hillary Clinton, and Scot Lehigh (Boston GLobe) who calls in to discuss Clinton. JP hangs up on callers, much to the disappointment of BB. Nick  Kelly also gets his final segment taken over by Alex The News Guy, who reports news even worse than Nick Kelly. 

Renegade Radio jan 25, 2016 Hour 4

January 25, 2016

00:50 - Transgender athletes compete in Olympics

05:00 - Trans people in sports
15:00 - Transgender bathrooms
20:00 - Bryan is hurt by not getting noticed by gay men at a bar
24:00 - *BREAK*
25:00 - John walks in on someone in the bathroom; Bathroom etiquette
32:40 - NICK & FRIENDS
35:00 - Nick Kelly does no fact checking
39:50 - *BREAK*
40:30 - Breakdown

Renegade Radio Jan 25, 2016 Hour 3

January 25, 2016

00:30 - Sandy Phone Call

01:30 - Bryan's living situation; John has a home, Bryan doesn't
08:00 - Trump comments (Shoot someone and still get votes); Gun restrictions
15:00 - Clinton vs Sanders in the Democratic Race
24:00 - *BREAK*
26:35 - News Guy Alex sing "HEY YA" by Outkast
33:00 - BANG UP JOB
34:30 - DUI arrests
37:00 - Alex calls story subject Squidward; PT Cruisers
41:00 - Shooting plow trucks

Renegade Radio Jan 25, 2016 Hour 2

January 25, 2016

00:45 - Bryan's mic refuses to work; He also has no hot water at home (Bryan Rant)

03:25 - Bryan's apartment was also flooded
11:45 - Other Alex commits a flop of a bit, homeless shelter refuses to help
15:30 - Patriots lose AFC Championship game; Death threats
24:00 - *BREAK*
25:00 - Renegade Rap Live Event; original rap song creation
30:00 - NICK & FRIENDS
33:00 - King Tuts beard broke
34:00 - Boston Globes article on the democratic nominees
40:00 - Obama Care

Renegade Radio Jan 25, 2016 Hour 1

January 25, 2016

The show begins with the breakdown of the Patriots AFC Championship game. Cam Newton dabs and celebrates far too much.

NWA music leads to updates on the live Renegade Radio rap performance in Newton MA. The smash hits include “Straight Outta Quincy” & “Respect the Police”.

Renegade Rap group is very respectful, with family values. No-Show Joe was left out of the rap group.


Boycotting the Oscars

Alex’s singing talents (Out of the woods- Taylor Swift)

Patriots game; Worst fans; Worst Announcers


Alex the news guy struggles with the word “compensation”

and much much more, kinda.